A lot of people (and we guess you) are wondering if Wooxy is a safe program. By safe we mean that you can’t be banned for using it but also that it can’t “break” your LoL installation. We will try to provide detailed information to answer your questions!

What does Wooxy do?

Wooxy installs skins to your League Of Legends installation

Every custom skin contains modified files from LoL, and when you download one, you’ll download all the files that are supposed to be modified.

When you install your skin to Wooxy, it will take the files from the custom skin and copy them to your game.
Actually, Wooxy doesn’t even replace the official game files, it just makes sure the game loads the files from the custom skin instead of the original ones.
This way, a custom skin cannot break your game and you don’t have to repair your game if something wrong happens.

In fact, Wooxy just helps you install a custom skin! You can install anything you want manually if you wish, but this would take much more time than using Wooxy.

Wooxy helps skins makers

The other feature that Wooxy makes available is a Creation Studio. It’s here to help people who want to create skins by providing many tools that makes easy the modification of game files.

And that’s all!

Wooxy doesn’t interact directly with the game, it just modifies the files as if you would Copy/Paste them.

What does Rito think?

Riot bans players that use any tool that gives them advantages in-game

We’ve just listed every Wooxy feature above, and Wooxy doesn’t seem to give any advantage, right?

League of Legends was developed in a way that any modification of any file cannot be used for cheating. This means you can’t see what’s in the fog of war or you can’t walk through walls by modifying a file for example. Everything is handled by the server.

Moreover, we’ve heard a lot about scripting softwares recently. As we said, Wooxy can only modify game files which means it isn’t able to know anything about your actions in a game because it doesn’t inspect it.

Close Wooxy before playing your game if you are still not sure! Your custom skins will still be installed.

Riot messages

Sometimes Riot answers on Reddit or official forums to questions that are asked by people that are unsure of Wooxy.
Here is one of their answers:


We also found another answer from Riot to someone who got banned and thought it was because of Wooxy:


If, despite everything, you still want to have your own official answer, you can ask Riot Support. They usually answer, so that you can make up your mind with an official and recent answer.

And of course, if you have questions about Wooxy, you can ask them here!